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Advances in tethered inline inspection tool and data analysis techniques to optimise pipeline integrity

ON DEMAND - View this webinar to hear Onstream experts discuss a new method for delivering data in a quick and accessible way. Viewers will learn the capabilities of Onstream’s inspection and optimised data reporting process, with benefits including:

  • MFL, Caliper, and Inertial Mapping capabilities during a tethered inspection.
  • More accessible and user-friendly reporting process for multi-segment inspections.

Tethered pipeline inspections are routinely performed in response to an incident or when older pipelines are classified as unpiggable due to lack of product flow. Traditionally, simple Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) tools were used for these inspections, with recent advancements offering the ability to add Caliper data to determine defects and perform mapping capabilities. Combined with the new rule requiring liquid pipeline operators to inspect pipelines after an extreme weather event or natural disaster, tethered inspections are more necessary now than ever before.

But tethered inspections from multiple bell holes can result in multiple data sets. With the assistance of MISTRAS member-company Onstream’s new developments, multiple data sets can now be combined and analysed into a single live data set.


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