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How unique geoprocessing workflow can help you conduct risk screenings for High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) stray current corrosion

ON DEMAND - Stray voltage from High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) power lines can cause major corrosion on pipelines if it is not properly managed, potentially leading to asset failure and shutdowns. This fast-acting corrosion can eat through the pipe wall between assessments, making it difficult to manage with ILI alone. In order to be able to calculate the risk of AC corrosion from power lines, operators must analyse spatial data to quantify how the pipeline and HVAC power lines interact geometrically, which can be challenging.

Watch this Integrity Plus webinar and listen to the company experts explain the benefits of New Century Software’s unique geoprocessing workflow for identifying the geometric parameters necessary to predict risk using ESRI ModelBuilder, search feature by route location routines and other ESRI ArcMap tools.

The company's presenters will discuss the unique benefits of this geoprocessing workflow and the benefits of conducting a risk screening, which include:

  • Reliable data to inform risk models.
  • Identify high risk sites requiring more detailed site surveys.
  • Factor AC corrosion risk into determining assessment intervals.
  • Increased safety for environment and personnel.

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