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Application Methods and Procedures for 2-Part Liquid Epoxies in the Pipeline Industry

ON DEMAND - In this presentation Denso, Inc. will cover when and where 2-part liquid epoxies are used in the pipeline construction and maintenance process. They will also cover the different application methods depending on the situation and the proper application procedure of each individual method.

2-Part liquid epoxies are commonly used in the field and in coating facilities for a variety of applications including girth weld coating, holiday repair, pipeline rehabilitation, and ARO. There are different types of epoxies with specific properties designed for each of these situations.

Denso, Inc. will explain why certain properties are important, and they will also cover several of these potential applications and the proper application procedures starting with surface preparation all the way through the holiday detection and repair process. It is critical that coating application specifications are strictly followed to ensure the optimum performance of the selected coating.

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