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Leah Jones

Leah Jones

Digital Administrator

Leah joined Palladian Publications in March 2022. In her spare time, she enjoys working out at the gym, bouldering, and playing computer games. However, when the suns out she loves to be in the garden tending to her flowers.


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Latest articles by Leah

Surface damage assessment modernised

A brand-new complete NDT software platform has just arrived on the market. Removing interpretation from the equation, Creaform’s VXintegrity is empowering NDT service companies to provide high-value services and industrial asset owners to make the best maintenance decisions. See how two companies reduced their costs and their inspection time.

Productive directional drilling — the Vermeer D550 HDD is built for it

Vermeer built the next generation D550 horizontal directional drill (HDD) for performance. This article offers a deeper look at how the D550 drill delivers productive directional drilling when installing large-diameter products like oil and gas pipelines, water lines and high-voltage electrical transmission lines at long distances.

C.H.M. Construction digging track trenching for water infrastructure projects

To do water installs right in rocky conditions takes a special machine that achieves optimal production while keeping costs in check. Meet the Vermeer T755 Commander 3 trencher; the machine that reduces operating costs and delivers efficient and productive installation methods on projects.

Hard rock directional drilling bores more: 8400 ft (2560.3 m) in solid rock

Everything is bigger in Texas, and the job Hard Rock Directional Drilling performed in Midland, Texas, proves it. Using two Vermeer® horizontal directional drills (HDDs) and a pair of Vermeer reclaimers, the San Antonio-based HDD specialists could do more than some other crews – installing 8414 ft (2564.6 m) of 30 in. (76.2 cm) diameter steel pipe in rock along a busy highway.

Know the advantages of trenching versus excavating

Trencher or excavator? For pipeline distribution, power, water, sewer, gas and underdrain installations, as well as other heavy-duty trenching applications, both machines can do the work, yet excavators continue to be more prevalently used. But, this seems to be largely due to tradition. In fact, many contractors will tell you that they still install product with an excavator because that’s the way they’ve always done it.