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Pigging and inspection news


A view from the inside

Andrew Wilde, Principal Engineer, ROSEN UK, talks monitoring subsea pipelines using internal inspection technologies.


The key to leak detection

Pedro Barbosa, Fotech, UK, explains why focusing on pipeline integrity is more important than ever, and how operators can use advanced technologies to improve pipeline safety.


World Pipelines Spotlight with ROSEN Group

In this spotlight interview we discuss an article that was published in the August 2022 issue of World Pipelines, entitled ‘Roundtripping the unpiggables’. Written by Chris Holliday, Corey Richards and Simon Irvine, ROSEN Group.


Hiber debuts pipeline monitoring solution

By leveraging Hiber’s satellite IoT platform, HiberHilo’s expanded capabilities for pipeline monitoring makes it possible to optimise the efficiency of even the smallest and most inaccessible pipelines.