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WEBINAR - Subsea Pipeline Tie-In & Repair Solutions: Real Cases, Real Results

WEBINAR - Subsea Pipeline Tie-In & Repair Solutions: Real Cases, Real Results

25 June 2024 - 25 June 2024


Energy pipelines serve as the lifeline of global energy infrastructure, enabling the safe and efficient transportation of oil, gas, and other vital resources across vast distances. As the backbone of this infrastructure, pipelines play a crucial role in meeting the world's energy needs, powering industries, businesses, and homes.

Maintaining and modifying these pipelines present significant challenges, ageing infrastructure, environmental factors, and evolving regulatory requirements pose continuous hurdles for pipeline operators. Ensuring the integrity, safety, and reliability of pipelines while meeting growing energy demands requires innovative solutions and a proactive approach to maintenance and modification.

This webinar will discuss real world examples where temporary isolation tools and mechanical repair solutions have been deployed subsea to ensure efficient repair, tie-in and modification of pressurised pipelines. Technologies showcased will include inline isolation plugs, hot tapping, line plugging, mechanical connectors and clamps.

Double block and bleed isolation tools have been utilised to greatly reduce downtime, increase safety and maximise unplanned maintenance, providing cost-effective solutions to the end user. High integrity isolation methods will also be explained that enable piggable and unpiggable pipeline systems to be isolated before any breaking of containment and in compliance with subsea isolation guidelines.

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Mark Gault

General Manager Middle East