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WEBINAR - Doing more with less: Is there enough upstream investment?

WEBINAR - Doing more with less: Is there enough upstream investment?

28 September 2023 - 28 September 2023


In this webinar on 28 September 2023, Wood Mackenzie will review the apparent ‘shortfall’ in investment that has fed a widespread belief that a supply crunch is inevitable sooner or later. Is this perception or reality?

The company will share its long-held views on the outlook for oil demand, through to and beyond its peak, the sources of supply and the investment required to meet it.

The oil and gas sector is in an upcycle. Spend is up by one-third from a low in 2020. It looks like any previous cycle – prices recover, cash flow increases, industry invests. But this cycle is different. The energy transition is posing an existential threat to oil and gas demand. Companies across the sector are increasingly reluctant to commit to capital-intensive, longer payback upstream projects.

Wood Mackenzie will compare industry efficiency to previous cycles and examine investment scenarios and their outcomes, including a 1.5°C pathway, and contrast these with the much vaunted ‘zero investment in oil and gas’ thesis.

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Ian Thom

Research Director, Upstream Oil and Gas

Fraser McKay

Head of Upstream Analysis

Ann-Louise Hittle

Vice President, Oil Markets

Douglas Thyne

Research Director