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ONS 2024

ONS 2024

26 August 2024 - 29 August 2024


ONS has developed into a global energy meeting place connecting international suppliers and operating companies. With over 1 200 exhibitors, and top executives from the entire energy sector, ONS is one of the world’s leading meeting places and the reference point for energy transition to new cleaner and renewable solutions. Meet the decision makers, help your business grow, get new insights, and connect with new clients and business.

ONS 2024 are relaunching the Technical Sessions with a unique concept set right in Hall 5. This new venue is not just a place for insightful presentations; it’s a place for collaboration, inspiration, and innovation among industry professionals.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Cutting-Edge Conference Rooms: The new venue will have conference rooms close to all the action, where the audience can learn and take part in discussions.
  • Breakout Areas: Some of the most fruitful discussions happen outside of formal presentations. That’s why they have designed breakout areas within the venue. These spaces provide the perfect environment for spontaneous conversations, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities. Here, ideas can flourish, and new partnerships can be forged.
  • Surrounded by Relevant Exhibitors: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new venue is its proximity to relevant exhibitors. Each technical session will be surrounded by companies and organisations that align with the themes discussed during the sessions. This creates a rare marketplace where attendees can seamlessly transition from learning to exploring practical solutions and cutting-edge technologies.