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North American Hydrogen Demand & Infrastructure Congress

North American Hydrogen Demand & Infrastructure Congress

06 December 2022 - 07 December 2022


Explore the challenges around understanding demand, and the development of the infrastructure capabilities for hydrogen. Hear insights on business and technology issues from companies across all sectors with perspectives on commercial viability, return on investment and risk.

Agenda highlights include:

Hear directly from the industrial players on what their plans are to decarbonise and switch to hydrogen

What is the decarbonisation plan of the industrial end users? Would industrial users replace natural gas channels with hydrogen or continue to rely only on natural gas? In which regions or hubs does integrating with the local ecosystem make sense?

Study the most recent hydrogen initiatives to share knowledge on how to make the economics work

Facility developers will explain why they opted or did not choose to scale up hydrogen generation to a given level of megawatts.

Sharing best practices between regional hubs will deliver optimal benefits for attendees.

Developers can learn from one another how to scale up profitably and under what circumstances. Also benefit from macro perspectives on upcoming prospects for hydrogen led by industrial clients.