Integrity 2020

June 18, 2020

An online conference focusing on the latest developments and innovations in pipeline integrity

With speakers from:

NDT Global




Entegra Solutions


Presentations from industry leaders

Integrity 2020 is an online conference for professionals in the midstream sector. Since this is a completely virtual conference, you can join us from anywhere in the world, absolutely free.

With presentations from NDT Global, STATS Group, Tracerco, Penspen, Entegra, and MetriCorr.

What you can expect

A range of speakers from leading pipeline integrity companies, covering topics such as:

  • Advances in integrity management
  • ILI tools
  • Collecting and utilising pigging data
  • Validating integrity assessments
  • Pig testing and trials
  • Defect assessment and geometry
  • Pipeline integrity software and systems
  • Pig tracking and locating
  • Isolation and plugging
  • Pig remediation and replacement


The Agenda


Transitioning from line stopping to double block and bleed isolation technology
15:05 (BST) | 09.05 (CDT)

STATS Group’s presentation will explain the hydraulic deployment and setting of the plugging head, seal testing and verification, while highlighting the key advantages of the BISEP. It is expected that attendees will be able to incorporate learnings from this presentation into their upcoming pipeline maintenance or repair projects and provide valuable options that avoid temporarily shutting down the pipeline.

NDT Global

Accomplish the impossible with integrity intelligence
15:25 (BST) | 09.25 (CDT)

In this presentation, NDT Global will discuss the significance of integrity intelligence, emphasising the importance of tailor-made inspections over a 'one-size-fits-all' standardised solution.


Constrained cost strategies for safe and efficient future pipeline operations
16:00 (BST) | 10.00 (CDT)

Penspen will present an analysis of the challenges which must be overcome to implement the next technological revolution to the oil and gas industry, and also introduce a glimpse of what future pipeline integrity can offer to pipeline operators.


Delivering real time condition monitoring of subsea pipelines
16:35 (BST) | 10.35 (CDT)

In this presentation, Tracerco will discuss example data obtained by DiscoveryTM via global pipeline inspection projects. This will include wall thickness mapping through concrete coatings, piggyback and pipe-in-pipe lines. The company will also discuss internal and external corrosion with recent examples of data obtained for clients.


Paradigm busted - pinhole detection utilising UHR Axial MFL and Caliper ILI
17:00 (BST) | 11.00 (CDT)

ENTEGRA's presentation will discuss the past 4 years of experience with UHR MFL ILI. Pull testing on machined defects demonstrated that 3mm (~0.125" inch) defects could be reliably detected, characterised, and sized to depths of 10% internally and 20% externally at lower ILI speeds (20%/25% at full tool specification speeds).


AC corrosion: Integrity aspects and cost-effective mitigation measures
17:20 (BST) | 11.20 (CDT)

MetriCorr's presentation will focus on risk assessment, mitigation and continuous monitoring of cathodic protection and AC corrosion. The presentation will illustrate by simple means the basics behind AC corrosion and present integrity solutions that are fully compatible with industry standards with a cost-effective focus.