Integrity 2020

June 18, 2020

An online conference focusing on the latest developments and innovations in pipeline integrity

NDT Global

Accomplish the impossible with integrity intelligence

In this presentation, NDT Global will discuss the significance of integrity intelligence, emphasising the importance of tailor-made inspections over a ‘one-size-fits-all’ standardised solution.

Standardised reporting in some cases provides conservative results, but if the IMP of the operator and other challenges are understood as well taking the history of the pipeline, mechanical properties, and other variables into consideration, this can provide a much more specific analysis which in turn can provide better input data and therefore ultimately provide better assessments.

In this presentation, NDT Global will discuss the importance of consulting the operator about a pipeline’s history and challenges, as well as understanding if there is a need for something specific to be done from the beginning of the analysis. This will eventually mitigate sifting through an abundance of information and having to going back to reanalyse.

NDT Global will also use case studies to demonstrate finite element analysis to assess uncommon threats as well as how best to conduct run-over-run comparisons both internally and externally in relation to crack or corrosion growth assessment.



Miguel Santiago Urrea

Miguel Santiago Urrea
Global Manager of Integrity Services, NDT Global

Santiago is a Global Manager of Integrity Services, and has a background in mechanical engineering, material technology and specialises in ultrasonic crack detection (Level III – shear wave).

Santiago has been a part of the NDT Global team for 7 years, delivering Inline inspection (ILI) reports to pipeline operators including recommendations and integrity consulting.


Diego Luna

Diego Luna
Pipeline Integrity Engineer, NDT Global

Responsible for integrity projects and field verifications in Latin America, Diego is a metallurgical engineer with 14 years' experience in the pipeline industry. He plays a key role conducting numerous integrity and non-destructive inspection projects, characterizing and assessing diverse integrity threats.