Pipeline Construction Equipment 2019

November 5, 2019

An online conference for Everybody in the Midstream Pipeline Industry

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Presentations at Pipeline Construction Equipment 2019

Tune in from anywhere in the world and learn about cutting edge technology and the latest pipeline construction equipment. Below are details on some of the presentations we have during the online conference.

Vacuworx Global

Ship to yard to right-of-way: Increase safety and productivity by using vacuum lifting

In this presentation Vacuworx will explore the differences between the traditional way of handling pipe with slings and chains verses using vacuum lifting technology for energy and infrastructure pipelines. Vacuum lifting systems keep people out of harm’s way during material handling operations, dramatically reducing the chance for injury. In addition, vacuum lifting can help increase efficiency and improve the bottom line results by increasing productivity while reducing the number of people required to do the job.

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Internal bending of pre-insulated pipes

Maats has been manufacturing machines for the cold bending of steel pipes from 6” to 60” for several years already. These conventional external bending machines are mainly used for cross country gas pipelines. Now the new addition to the Maats product range is internal bending machines (IB), especially designed for bending pipes that have an external insulation. In this presentation by Maats will discuss the benefits of utilising their new internal bending machine on pre-insulated pipes.

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LaValley Industries

Increasing pipe handling safety and efficiency using LaValley Industries' DECKHAND® and TONGHAND®

LaValley Industries invented and developed the DECKHAND pipe handler and the TONGHAND exit side wrench to revolutionise how pipe is handled throughout the pipeline construction process. The goal of this presentation is to highlight the safety and operational benefits of using the DECKHAND® and TONGHAND® versus other existing methods, with a focus on contractor case studies.

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Darby-Midwestern International

Darby and Midwestern working together to provide equipment and supplies to pipeline contractors around the world

Darby-Midwestern International Group will present a detailed offering of many pieces of equipment available for sale and rental. The combined efforts of the two companies gives international contractors an easier and more cost-effective way to meet their ever changing needs. The presentation will address equipment used in most areas of a pipeline spread.

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A one day international conference: November 5, 2019

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