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November 5, 2019

An online conference for Everybody in the Midstream Pipeline Industry

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Worldwide Machinery

Technical Innovations in the Pipeline Industry: Incorporating Emerging Mechanisms in the Antiquated Tie-In Arena

As of late, pipeline advancements have been driven by more stringent regulations, increased concern relating to safety and public expectations, and increased competition in the industry. We have to work smarter and safer, all while increasing our bottom lines.

If technological advancements have been proven to propel our industry forward, why are we so slow to adapt technology in many segments of our industry?

Worldwide Machinery’s presentation will examine some of the major areas where technology is impacting and improving the pipeline industry. The discussion will centre around tie-ins to discuss the challenges plaguing the sector and before shifting to examine the opportunities at hand. The presentation will also look forward to what Worldwide Machinery sees on the horizon for the pipeline industry in the coming years.



Gregg Bruinsma

Gregg Bruinsma
Director of Development and Technical Innovation, Worldwide Machinery.

Gregg Bruinsmas has spent over 20 years in the field as a pipeline welder. His background includes pipeline construction, fabrication, and manufacturing for some of the most well-known companies in the industry.

Bruinsmas is a trail-blazer in his field. He has composed his career around pinpointing inefficiencies and disadvantages aggravating welders on pipeline tie-ins. He prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot, problem solve, and execute solutions.

Gregg Bruinsmas combines pipeline experience and continued collaboration with master machinists to develop new and innovative tools for the pipeline tie-in industry.



Evan Greenberg
President, Worldwide Machinery.

Evan Greenberg has spent over 25 years serving the General Construction and Pipeline Industry.

About Worldwide Machinery

Worldwide Machinery, Ltd. has provided the sale, rental and leasing services for earthmoving and pipeline equipment in both the domestic and international markets.

Since its founding in 1949, Worldwide Machinery offers customers a quick, cost-effective way to locate and acquire new and pre-owned equipment to meet a variety of needs.

Worldwide Machinery's longevity in the business affords its customers the benefit of established expertise. The Worldwide team specializes in coupling equipment with project requirements and facilitates assistance to arrange financing terms.

Worldwide Machinery offers equipment for sale and rent. This includes pipelayers, padding machines, bending machines, welder tractors, crawler carrier tractors, and a variety of pipeline equipment, as well as full spectrum of earthmoving and support equipment.

Under the Worldwide Group of Companies, the Superior Manufacturing brand manufactures a range of pipeline equipment; supplies tools, consumables, and specialty products.

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