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June 18 - 19, 2019

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T.D. Williamson

In Control: Identifying and Tackling New Threats to Pipeline Integrity

For as long as pipelines have been transporting hydrocarbons, operators have faced integrity challenges. Armed with information and technology, the industry successfully battles ‘traditional’ threats such as corrosion, material defects and third-party damage – although it’s never easy or inexpensive. While these integrity risks will never go away – and some, like intentional third-party damage, may even increase – there are a host of emerging threats inside and outside the pipeline that operators will need to identify and mitigate.

For example, there’s considerable talk of renewables using pipelines to transport biogas or produced hydrogen from wind power. How can operators prepare for moving new products that might not have even been imagined when their pipelines were installed and aren’t consistent with original design specs?

As the search for energy goes to extreme environments, what will it take to ensure integrity in arctic temperatures or ultra-deepwater fields?

And how can operators mitigate the daily danger of cyberattacks?

Add to these concerns unconventional oil and gas production becoming the norm and the need to transport and store ozone-damaging anthropogenic carbon dioxide, and it’s easy to see there are challenging times ahead. Fortunately, there are also abundant solutions.

In this presentation, Dr. Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering, T.D. Williamson, provides insight into the future of integrity threats and how advances in cleaning, inspection and monitoring with improve the industry can stay ahead and in control.

He’ll discuss how:

  • New monitoring systems will provide real-time information about environmental conditions, security and local erosion/corrosion impacts.
  • New materials that provide corrosion resistance and increased flexibility will ensure performance in even the toughest environments – although they will require new non-destructive examination technologies better suited for inspecting long-run composite pipelines than today’s techniques are.
  • Fibre optic cables and seismic sensors buried in the pipeline right-of-way will sense threatening activity, from footsteps to vehicle movement.
  • Algorithms trained in part through machine learning will be leveraged to detect physical and cyber-based threats, but the human element will never go away: people will be as important as ever in in detecting and mitigating threats.
  • The future might even include ‘self-thinking pipelines’ that are able to flag conditions before they become a threat.


Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D.
Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering, T.D. Williamson

Jeff Wilson is the Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering of T.D. Williamson. Jeff joined TDW in 2007 and is based at the company’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. He is responsible for establishing and executing the company’s technical vision and strategy, managing its intellectual property portfolio, and driving cross-company engineering initiatives and collaboration. His experience spans the machine tool industry, fiber optic communications networks, and he has 16 years of experience in the pipeline sector - having successfully launched numerous products & services across the globe. He holds patents related to pipeline technology, as well as materials science; and he oversees TDW’s patent portfolio of nearly 700 active and pending patents globally. He is active on committees for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and serves on Boards for K-12 and engineering education. Jeff holds a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in mechanical engineering from The University of Tulsa

About T.D. Williamson

Drawing upon a 99-year history of industry expertise, T.D. Williamson delivers a comprehensive portfolio of safe pipeline system solutions for onshore and offshore applications, including advanced isolation and repair, integrated pigging and integrity assessment solutions. Jeff Wilson is the Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering of T.D. Williamson.

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