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[WEBINAR] The Tide is Turning: The Role of Digitalisation in the Pipeline Integrity Industry

[WEBINAR] The Tide is Turning: The Role of Digitalisation in the Pipeline Integrity Industry

15 September 2020 - 15 September 2020


Join Penspen for this webinar, where they will explore how the advancements in digital technology will play a vital role in transforming the outlook of the pipeline integrity industry.

We are now in the era of Industry 4.0 and stand to benefit from the technological advances that the fourth industrial revolution represents. Live or real-time data combined with interactive computer modelling, enabled via a cloud infrastructure, present enormous opportunities for pipeline operators to predict and mitigate failure.

In a shift towards implementing a Pipeline 4.0 philosophy, Penspen have developed THEIA, a new digital environment for engineering analytics and services. Using data science to gain fast insights from data, we can produce types of assessments that have not been done before. Pipeline operators always need to look to the future. It is not sufficient to have to rely on old data that confirms what operators already know, that their pipeline did not fail, but how it might they fail in the future and what strategies they need to adopt to manage this.

Nigel Curson, Executive Vice President of Technical Excellence at Penspen will share an insight into digital transformation within the pipeline integrity industry, Penspen’s approach and lessons learned.


Nigel Curson
Executive Vice President of Technical Excellence, Penspen

Nigel has 30 years of oil and gas consultancy experience. In the mid-80s he worked in production and drilling offshore in the North Sea. From the mid-80s to late 90s, he undertook various roles with Andrew Palmer and Associates, who specialise in subsea field developments.