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Oil & Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection Congress

Oil & Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection Congress

29 January 2020 - 30 January 2020


The inaugural Oil & Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection Congress is the first of its kind initiative exploring practical applications of the latest technologies, techniques & innovations when it comes to leak detection & pipeline monitoring.

Established by industry leading figures, the Congress compares not just costs but also real world performances on the latest innovations and technologies in leak detection and pipeline monitoring.

Register today to join leading pipeline industry experts as they share innovative case studies, discuss real solutions, and present up-to-the-minute information for the Industry's hottest innovations.

  • Brandon Zumar, Leak Detection Manager, Enterprise Products
  • Barrett Walker, sUAS Program Manager, IT Project Manager & Business Analyst , Cheniere Energy
  • Nitesh Goyal, Pipeline Simulation Specialist, Trans Mountain
  • Lawrence Rearick, Director, Pipeline Integrity, Third Coast Midstream
  • Mutiu Adegboye, Leak Detection Researcher, Robert Gordon University
  • Mitch Lagerstrom, Senior Director Air & Environmental Compliance, Crestwood Midstream Partners LP

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The Leakage Detection Congress presents a packed agenda, exploring industry innovation, up-to-date case studies and the latest techniques:

Internal & external detection technology panel:
Showcasing Successes Of The Latest Technologies That Pipeline Operators Are Currently Testing, Trialling & Rolling Out

Fiber optic cable:
Evaluating Proven Advantages Against Limitations

Drone technology:
Utilizing The latest Drone Technology To Improve Efficiency & Accuracy And Reduce Pipeline Downtime

Truck mounted sensors:
Evaluate The Latest Passive Monitoring Technologies

Leak detection standards:
Increasing Leak Detection Standards & Innovations

Radar based technologies:
Applying Radar Based technologies For Sub Sea Pipeline Leakage Detection IR

Camera imaging:
Utilizing IR Camera Imaging Technology

Small leak detection:
New Solutions For Identifying Smaller Leaks

Asset monitoring in hazardous areas:
Mitigating Asset Integrity & Leakage Risks In Hazardous Areas

Un-piggable pipes:
Understand The Available Innovative Solutions And Methods For Validating Integrity

Leak detection on gas systems:
Smart Ball Technologies And Other Innovations To Increase Detection Rates

Regulatory panel:
Ensuring Compliance, Responding To Evolving Regulation & Forecasting Future Standards

Computational pipeline monitoring:
Understand Pricing, Costs & Comparisons Of Detection Techniques

Active monitoring solutions:
Understanding Current And Future Technologies Available

Pipeline corrosion mitigation:
Mitigate Pipeline Corrosion And Reduce Operational Downtime

Data analytics:
Utlilization Of Data Analytics To Identify Smaller Leaks And Optimize Programs

Visualizing the data:
Optimising integrity Reporting With Real Time Monitoring

Future proofing new pipe installations:
Managing Corrosion Mitigation On New Installations

Elastomers and new polymers:
Innovations And Implementations Of New Pipeline Coatings

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