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Sensors deployed by SoCalGas

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Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) has a long-standing commitment to reducing methane emissions. Consisting of over 100 000 miles of pipeline and serving approximately 21 million consumers, SoCalGas' natural gas system has one of the lowest methane emission rates. The company has today (15 November) announced that it has recently completed demonstration testing of new gas detection sensors as part of its efforts to align with its commitment and to enhance pipeline safety and reliability.

The sensors can rapidly detect natural gas leaks near natural gas pipelines and can serve as an additional measure for improved safety.

SoCalGas installed 12 sensors at monitoring stations reading methane-in-air concentration levels at various locations in the Los Angeles basin. These sensors read concentration levels every 5 minutes and allow SoCalGas to measure and monitor natural gas levels near high-pressure pipelines.

The sensors can detect natural gas at well below the limit that most people can by sense of smell, in turn providing earlier detection of unplanned gas escape incidents and more rapid dispatch of responders to investigate. If the sensors detect methane in the air, they send an alarm within 15 minutes to a monitoring system.

The sensors have operated and performed as expected for nearly one year. While no excessive methane levels have been detected at the sensor locations, SoCalGas continually tests and calibrate the sensors to confirm they are operating correctly.

The testing has a key purpose of giving SoCalGas another technology option for enhancing pipeline safety.

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